Fine Day For Sailing

Go Sailor

This is the last time that I'll wish you dead
I think I've decided to like you instead
I'll throw away the letters that I never meant to send
'cause now I've got more love to give than to end
Therefore this time I mean it
This time will stick
You're easy to like when you're not making me sick

And maybe you can come to my house for tea
We won't talk about all the pain you caused me
I've become quite adept at pretending your nice
If you don't believe it, pretending will have to suffice
Although this time I mean it
This time's for real
Just 'cause you ruined my life, it's no big deal

So I'll take the pins out of the doll
I'll take the darts out of the wall
I'm just so nice now I'm not like before
I don't think of hurting you much anymore

It's a fine day for sailing
Let's go for a spin
You don't have to worry that I'll push you in
I'm so happy now I'm friends with most everyone
Even people like you don't deserve to have none
So now this time I mean it
I just don't have time to waste hating you
All those days are behind me for good
Those days are behind me for good