Fear Of Domination

...Can you hear the silence...?

Eyes still
Heart beating
Whole life going through my mind
Pictures of better world flashing all the time

What did you do to me?
Did you want to see?
No one's going to win
You wanted to see it still

So we gave up the hope
We discovered the truth
The illusion of our own immortality

Just let us be
What we want
Just let me be...
Time to let go of me
They greeted
And beated us
With bloody metal fists
And still willing
To embrace us
To their arms
The borders of reality
Are fading away
This coma will enslave you all
And never let us go...

This is the way it shall be
This is the way it shall feel
Like a crying girl who lost her precious doll
This is not the way of mortals truth
And there will not be a miracle
When God gives you food
You spit on it
And look for new

World is running in circles...