Control Within

Fear Of Domination

Who can tell what is right
And what is wrong?
What does it matter?
So many have already
Made their own glorious downfall
When mind is like a coin
Flip it and motion begins
Who controls
And what should I believe in

Go ahead!
Flip the coin
No one cares!
If you twist your mind

We want to own the stars
We want to have it all
Look deeper?
Who is right and who is wrong
Can't tell the difference anymore
There are...
Two sides...
In your...

We wanted to control
Enslave them all
We wanted to be strong
To hide it all
But now the dog bites
The hand that feeds
We walk towards
Our own extinction
So is this the end
Of mankind?
They keep on
Fighting till the end...

You take what you can
And that's all you have
Sometimes even less than that
It's not easy to say
Which side you are on
There are two sides in your head
And they are fighting on

You want to know the answers
You want the satisfaction
You want to hurt 'em all
To make them worth of your time
You want to hear the truth
You want them to learn
You want to be right
Our own sick pleasures