New World

Fear Of Domination

When world's your whore
Who is begging for more?
Behind a mask my army march
Without feelings we'll cleanse your heart
Children cry when my devil laughs

YOU! Wont decide
I! Will rule life
YOU! Get down on your knees
I! Will take what I please

You will obey!
We will obey!

So dont deny all the fucking things that will...
This place is sick and I'm disease
I love to bring reality to dreams
Dominate your mind
This is for your kind

We will obey!

Everybody ready for revolution!
World waits for the conclusion!
Is this worth fighting for?
This is the new fucking world!

I tell you!
What you do!
I tell you!
Who kills who!
I tell you!
What is true!
I tell you!
Who fucks who!
I tell you!
You obey!
No one's saint
Who likes... PAIN!