You've Got To Hide Your Love Away


    G       D         F       C
1. Here I stand with head in hand
    G       C           F  C
   turn my face to the wall
   G         D      F       C
   if she's gone I can't go on
    G        C        F  C D Dadd9 (D Dadd9 D4sus D)
   feelin' two-foot small.

2. Everywhere people stare
   each and every day
   I can see them laugh at me
   and I hear them say.

       G                 C               D4sus D Dadd9 D
R: [: Hey you've got to hide your love away! :]

3. How could I even try
   I can never win
   hearing them seeing them
   in the state I'm in.

4. How could she say to me
   love will find a way
   gather 'round all you clowns
   let me hear you say.
R: Hey you've got to hide...