Pray For Me

Only Crime

It's strange all the ways
We suffer everything in trade
Like the trails we impose to disappear

Find I've strayed from the course of least resistance
Losing sight of the prize like a faint and distant scar
Forced it down with the rest
Of the bitterness and humility not less
Than the air we simply breathe and sterilize

Say a prayer for me I'm still haunted and so starved
Separated from my sins I'm too tired to forgive
Say it's everything I've lost and I'll believe each word
Spare the silence we defend and criticize

Now too many names unlock the serpentine escape
Like the bombs we project in severed lines
Break my faith in the will
Blood torn from innocence we kill
Every single time we hear a siren on the air

Now as hopelessness surrounds me
I stand torn just like a child of war
The lie inside bitter and commanding
We face the world with nothing but our breath
The fires rage the static boils
The broken words the shattered page
A children's lie a starving soul
From hand to mouth assume control

I'm not the one to bear this pain
And share the sin yet still refrain
In token words and spoken lies
We spit inside your pious eyes