I've Got The Time If You've Got The Argument


I'm just an entry that you keep to yourself.
(Better just to write it all out in your words)
To keep to yourself.
(I'm just a liar) I'm just a liar.
Wont you just keep it under your breath
To just show off your confidence?
It's worse that you think when you feel nothing.

You can't tell me this is over. Enough is enough.
Why didn't you tell me what you had in store?
I'll tell you when it's done, I'll tell you when it's over.

I'm just a little too tired for this. She says, 
Why don't you write another line about it to sing to yourself?
But this time hold your melody out.
I've got the time if you have the argument, 
But it's not hard to carry on with a lie.
She said it's worse than you think when you feel nothing, 
Even when you can't stop writing about it.

I know shell write less in time and I can go on with this lie.
There are some things I just wont get out of you.

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