The Mahdi

The Underachievers

Word to my niggas, word to the biggest

We be that Elevated Mafia, Underachievin' lot with us
Nigga there ain't no stopping us; prosperous of that garlic drug
Mantras when I spit this flow, knowledge filled up in every bar
But I'm guided by the light, no shine. Soldier of the Father but I ain't no Christian
Underachievers, make believers out of heathens
Portrayin' legends, got greatest presence up in heaven
Sittin', rolling up that dynamite. Prickly shit, that porcupine
Pot prescriptions, that funky shit you hit it then you quit it

Eyes Closed, Indian style
Sitting, my mind zones
Herbal essence, Cali kush, aroma for the stoners
Benjamin Franks on us, can't get a Lincoln out us
Before you think about it, we got it, just being honest
We progress when we ain't tryna'
UA, we redefinin' diamond
What I need, a rhyming needle sharp nigga ego-shining
Hear on from here on, if not you hear wrong
Young intellect with fear gone, I'll take a bear on

A bigger plan. Forever young, call a nigga Peter Pan
God told me young that I would be the man' it's evident
Medicine, medical grade, nigga know my preference
Rizla shit, roll it and face it, this weed is limitless
Up the stairs, Out of your old ways, elevating your forte
Conscious up out of deep space, can't relate
That's why we don't bump your mixtape, only keeping good shit on replay
That Marvin Gaye, little Coldplay, maybe Sade

Seven days seven nights, in the booth straight creating that good music
In the soul, food for thought, you been waiting, right?
Cooking up shit with my apron tight
Listening to this verse might save your life
Hard work put in, automatic goin' win
Had to learn from the sins but I paid that price
I’m faded, no not high, dog, i’m faded
Lost some friends in the struggle I never thought I would make it
Mahdi, my fucking brother, I love you, you were the bravest
Even though I just met you, my heart you are engraved in

How you lookin' for shit to change if you ain't changing your ways
Making the same mistakes, defining insane of your game
Where the children of the light resign
I’ll cosign the free brethren, speak the wisdom on right and wrong
Co-creating some better men
File now to the kingdom, cause you know the power comes with the wisdom
Gets ‘em, we went from god on a mission
Free you niggas of the mental prism, listen, roll that trop(ical) with that medicine
Underachievers, I represent, put it down for my niggas man
Keep the bullshit back in the past

I got the illest flow, when my spirit glows
Underachieving till the grave, tryna' heal the blows
Limits broke like the levees down in N.O., so we float
Higher teacher, higher learning
That's the knowledge we promote
Eyes focused on our goals
Stay counting them pe-sos
The fountain of youth, founded by conscious UA
Folks I promise to spread knowledge
Roll up and remain ghost
Pay homage to the prophets
Cause we offer the same coach, nigga