At the Gates of Troy

Meden Agan

"I see her!! She's smilling at me!
She's so beautiful!
Goddes of beauty!
I need that girl!! I want ti
Take her with me!!"

"Paris my love!! Need you!!
I want to share my life
With you!
There is full moon
It will be our guide
Light to heaven!!"

"Gods of wind
Take me home
I want this
Pain to go away!!"
All my dreams
Come true
The woman of
My life is mine!!

"The prophecy it's finally
The shadow fall in to
My kingdom
I see the ships!! The war
is Near"

"I bless this land!! With the
Blood of my enemies!!
The gods are with me!!
I rule my destiny!!"

"This is the time for glory
Will stand for
Centuries!! This
War will never be
The immortality!! Is out
(At the gates of Troy!!")

"I take my dreams
Till my last breath
So much hate!!
So much death!!
Out of walls of Troy!!

Gates of Troy it's
Time for war!!"

"Give me back the
Blood of my son
Let me wash his
Let me say the
Prayers to this
Gods for his
Soul to be

Ector flying away...
Dreaming away...
Live!! The eternal glory!!

"This is the time for glory
Our names
Will stand for centuries!!
This war
Will never be forgotten
The immortality!!
Is out there!! (At the gates of Troy!!)"