Dark Prelude

Meden Agan

In a world so far away
The cold wind is coming
The rain comes before the winter
The dark clouds hiding the sun

When the seas and mountains fall
I hear you scream in the dark
The song of the elves rising in
The forest
So far away

Hight! To the rising sun
Spread your wings to heaven
See, o king, the storm approaching
The chaos is so near!!

Dark clouds falls from the sky
But the sun still rising
Hear this chant deep into
The Forest
Here comes!! The song of freedom!!

The shadows fall
In the dreamworld
Gates of fire
Open your realm

Fly high!! Far away!!
Spread your wings
Touch the sun
Fly high!! Face your fate
Rule your destiny
The end has come

Fly on your way
In this dreamland
The stars enlighted
The sky
(Fly high!! Far Away!!)
(Fly high!! Face your fate!!)

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