Eye for an eye
flesh of my flesh
my kingdom's blind and skinless
I need to feel their hate in my veins

you bore the brunt of a fascist placebo
now you'll play my capo
kill for me, taste the blood
like the spilling waves of your source's
executioners wake

I need to feel your hate in my veins
tear the skin, inject the rage
fuel to their bombs and the other sides tanks
doping on your bloodshed
as the stiefel 's on the other foot
absorbing the power of frenzied annihilation

with enemies like these who needs friends?
your only ally is your pain
racking up the losses of my gain
more recruits for your torture paradise
spin it around
camouflage our twisted symbiosis

a threat to our way of life
cowards infringing
soiling our chosen river
a shadow on our beacon

shining beacon
light reflecting off pillar swords of authority

my duty, honour, country
rest on my trigger fingers because
I submit to the blessed first and last
I'm entitled, god given
the right to poison the well with the blood of your 

chosen, saved, kneeling
living dead, disappearing act, judgement
conflicts cancel
perfect dissonance out of phase
nucleus rapture
bones dancing out of graves

I'm playing all sides
reverse prism into black

I am chosen, I am saved
my messiah has a tail between his legs

sandy stage is set
and I'm chosen, saved and kneeling
only you can consolidate to eradicate
my suns final arrived
with charred flesh as your bride
and a treasure that awaits us
in the other side

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