Defected at the start
my will bent at the knee
for the hallowed prospective award
doppleganger-bound pantomime
singing necrotic hymns of resurrection
I drain the poison plasma that runs through me

I can't wait to melt away
wax marionette
unbound vibrations
the light greets me
all of my life I have been waiting
this shell is nothing
release me!
release me from this poison of plastic flesh
give me the ichor
plead your case
transforming into realms of ecstatic decay

nine pairs of eyes
revolve around my guise
I can see the divisions melting by the light
of the fallen one

tempting me once was the man whose law is writ in stone
tempting me twice was the man whose blood I've known
no one can tell if I'm shackled or on a throne
tempting me last were the seven swords for chipping 

no wrath
no vengeful god denying
your right to affirm your life and live it now
your heart, mind and will are your only laws

I am the omnianthrologos, I'm the serpent
this is my flesh-bood kingdom and mine alone

blasphemy! every breath is sin
the division line a condemnation
fire raining down from the absolute

I will suffer through this decrepit fallen state
pay off my carnal debt and receive the prize awaiting 

I'm so weak
I can't control the motions of the earth
stone grip slipped and let it go

I taught myself how to part the red clouds
and scale the sky
climb my gold chains
but I hit a reflective dome ceiling
looked into my own eyes and he said
"they've gone away forever!
break the chain, embrace what's ahead, together!"

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