Elite Forces


I'm watching you just walk on by 
You're looking so cold, a tear in your eye 
This shouldn't be, you tear out your hair 
Scream stricken with fear and they would not dare 

What will you do if you've all got it wrong 
Don't be a fool and try and suss out this song 
Let time reflect on you a closet ghost 
If we are eliteja forcejwhy call the last post? 

We don't speak the same but still we all know 
This movement won't die a cult horror show 
When we step aside to pump in new blood 
To erupt again it will not do no good 

What will they say when we are long gone 
A mark that we've made no power as strong 
They tear down our history of father's that fought 
To start just again the lessons that were taught

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