Fatal Vision


The smog turns visual 
A silver disc the rain so cold 
The ice age inside my head 
Glowing fire the silk that’s read 
A warning the epic sign 
The graves are of the ones we love, 
So dark inside the twilight haze 
Echo circumstance, and dancing days. 

It turns into a trance 
The singing and the dance 
For the ones who bang their heads on walls, 

Eccentric is the host 
The one that plays the ghost 
And foolish rumours when they fall. 

The conflict just seals the fate 
Wax burning down the wick 
So quill the bird in flight 
Stained in ink do we say who’s right 
Oh the barbs and graffiti walls. 
Electric the walk the dance, 
First edition brothers let’s all sing 
To the pleasure of the wastelands ring. 

Dance into a trance 
Blaze the fire burning bright.

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