Horie Yui

Yuugure chisana kage ga hasyaide
Watashi o toorisugi iezi e kaette yuku
Ano hi anata to konna huukei
Okutte kawashita ne hutari dake no takaramono o

In the twilight, small shadows frolic and
Go past me as they go and return on their road home.
That day with you, in this kind of scenery,
We gave and exchanged our treasures for only the two of us.

Kokoro de musubareta yakusoku ima mo ima mo taisetsu ni
Idaite itsu no hi ka
Anata ni atte soshite hataseru sonna hi o
Watashi, shinzinagara sugoshitemasu

The promise that was tied up in our hearts,
even now, even now,
I embrace it with all my might. There will be a day when
I'll meet you and then (that promise) will be fulfilled
For that day,
As I believe in it, I will be idling away

Imagoro doko ni iru no desyoo ka
Kawashita yakusoku kokoro ni mada aru ka na...
Kisetsu wa tatte shimatta keredo
Kawarazu ano koro no anata da to negatte imasu

I wonder where you could possibly be about now
I wonder if the promise we had
with each other is still in your heart
The season pass by but
That time is unchanging
I'm yearning for you

Omokage busurete mo yukusoku ima mo ima mo kono mune no
Manaka o atsuku shite
Shikkari "kokoro" "kokoro" musubareteru koto o
Watashi, shinzinagara matte imasu

Even if your face fades away,
Even now, even now, in the center of my heart,
I keep the promise alive
Be strong, "my heart" "my heart"
For the thing that had us bound,
As I believe in it, I'll be waiting

Anata ni aeta nara yakusoku sotto sotto tazunetai
Ano hi no hutari e to
Modoreru naraba doo ka moo ichido "yakusoku"
shite ne, shinzinagara inottemasu

I want to softly ask about the promise that
we could have met
That day, the two of us,
If we could go back to that time somehow,
"Promise" me one more time
OK? As I believe in it, I'll be praying

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