Dance Of Red Nails


Pure hatred flows down from my fingers
Red as fountains of blood I see
Hard as bones upon which I walk with charm
Intensive as your desire of giving life
Alike from unseen source flowing

Today I straighten my arms, tense my muscles
Close my eyelids and at random attack
I fuck every target
I set afire maps and plans
I sit upon the high iron throne with myself

Silver is possessing everything
Gold is possessing none
It’s inside, flowing in my veins
Boiling fire that never extinguishes
It’s boundless echo, meta-apocalypse
My cold breath upon my face

Within my red heart today I will take your dreams away
Spilling sewage you call your life
I know that through this game I can’t realize fear
But this heart soon shall crack, swollen by anger

And the energy of anti-you shall burst my head
Then your flesh will be purified by rain of red nails
This deadly dance will entertain our eyes
Will shine as fireworks during black night
Dance of million red nails...

Let the houses burn
Let the forests burn
Let the faces and the books
Let the streets burn
Let the minds burn
Let the world
Let the world burn