Eerie I Shall Become


I've seen the signs, and nine times I have been
The leprosy of rationality and the stench of the truth
To see ruin in every picture
And ruin of myself within
In every sound I hear the mistune of human hands
And in every human deed a purulent wound of humanity
Marking with it's burden a single thought
I despise therefore nothingness seen through man's eyes
So I will burn your eyes out
Until the ashes mix with the blood
And with mud flood the nostrils of every living being
For nothing here has right to live

I've heard the voices, and nine times I've been
The venom of belief in the present and mustiness of
To hear the last sigh in every voice

And the end of myself within
I despise everything I've seen
Oh blessed be the blind and the deaf and the dumb
And those deeply suffering every passing second
And those staring at the cross with mouth full of foam
And the dead above all
For they've forgotten the pride of being a man
For no-one no longer has right to be proud

I've touched the wounds with rusty nails
And nine times I stabbed infant's head with bayonet
To open it's mind
And transgress myself within
To hurt you beyond the limit
And kill myself finally
I wish every nerve would provide pain
And naive shine of dawn shall be carried away
By knife stabbed in the stomach
For the flame of hope has no right to flicker any more