Obscura Symphonia


Demonic forces gather in the darkside; 
I'm swallowed in the realm of treachery... 
In a vast nocturnal silence 
A glow of new light is born out into the night... 
Dark obsessions breed my dementia 
As I enter the gates of mysteries: 
A cursed world of madness and dismay! 
I've seen an angel fallen from the sky... 
Master LUCIFER is risen once again! 
Summoned here in the black fire of his throne; 
In the temple where the hordes now feast his power... 
They play and sing with all their agony 
Obscura Symphonia - agonized screams of fear! 
Obscura Symphonia - here the lament of the demon souls! 
Frozen winds of ancient blasphemy 
Bring forth damnation to spread the symphony! 
Awakened dead they rise up from their graves, 
Hypnotized by the evil sound of death...

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