Praise The Whoredom


let the envy and breath-taking anger 
before the madness throw a scarlet carpet of blood 
and let the scream quench every candle 

it is i who's coming 
the one who raped the death 
opening the graves 
burning the names, thoughts and the need of being remembered 

here's the one who has torn the innocence out of childrens' tight slits 
the one who has covered the horizon with mountain chains of smoke 
(and the heavens with the stormy clouds of ashes) 

from now on& 
every branch shall weigh down with the burden of infants 
which livid entered this world through fusty and putrid women's wombs 

along with life-giving rain 
the ruins of temples and thrones, 
bricks of brothels and prisons 
and challenging spires of human advance 
will fall piercing you 

there is blood everywhere and strength beyond the limits 
crushing the steel melting the air 

even though i'm tearing the trees out with my anger 
though i'm crushing steel and a concrete burying you in ashes 
and when i swallow venom especially 
nothing but silence comes 

my nose along with ears and gums bleeds 
teeth along with nails and along with lungs crack 
(yet they knit together again when the wind finally calms down) 

this is my fanaticism, this is my orthodoxy 
my blindness and stupidity 
this my devil disguised as whore