A Mass For The End Of Time


Watch out for the breaking hearts tonight
The world is coming to an end
Start believing from within, arise
But your systems made to blow

Thus we ignite coz'
The weight of the world is falling down
I'm wrapped around coz'
The weight of the world keeps pushing on

With too many too many lies too many faults together
So here we go
I take your hand you take my hand whenever
So here we go
A heaven is not far away
So here we go
This is the time and the day to be irie
So here we go
Couldn't we start a day
So here we go
Couldn't we start

Couldn't we start a day that makes us all smile
Make us smile
Too many broken... 

Wings are clipped now we can't fly
So hold me back
Bring me back to life
There's a war coz' everyday we're losing everyday
Fight a war within us everyday
The battle's all around gotta hold our ground
Coz' everyday is different everyday
We're luckiest by far
Coz' in the end love can do anything
We're luckiest by far
We can demand the right to live and say
We only want the love in you
To save the earth we call home
But too many broken promises

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