The Heist


Aight now I'm tryin to get this money man
We gotta, get this plan, we gotta make this shit happen right man
Knahmsayin? Don't fuck shit up
Right? AIGHT? ! God damn!

{After the heist takes place}

Oh shit man~! All because of cash
Fuck, now I'm mashin on the gas
Left a nigga with a gash
This is worse than the last
Man still chasin rainbows now I'm in the 8th position
Feelin mad stressed, stuck up on a mission wishin
I took a different route, drinkin on Guinness Stout
(Man the cops is comin we 'bout to go to jail!)
Fuck that, I gotta be out
No time to chicken out, all I want to see's my clout
Then I go diggin out my honey, celebratin 'til she out

{But back to reality! }

I got a fatality and this bitch 'bout to rat on me
Plus I got this gat on me
Blood all splat on me, I fucked up his anatomy
This bitch is 'bout to rat on me, plus I got this gat on me
(Ay! Somebody's home! Ay)
(Ay somebody told me Miss Johnson ratted you better split)

Knew it, knew it, knew shit wouldn't work
Fuck out this motherfucker

Chasin rainbows, adrenaline pumpin
Pimpin, drug dealin, gun runnin plus body dumpin
Hebron pumpin in my arm for the next heist
But I gotta pop lips, even though she looks nice
Or else I'm a pay the price, gotta get an alibi
Chasin rainbows, where the rain in my hair flows
Hell if I, get taken out by some chickenhead, honeydip
Over some dough and some Gucci, watch money flip
Honey slip, I'm a lie, and say, it was Slick
And if not Slick then it was probably Eric
{Cause that nigga psycho too! } That's what I'm gon' have to do
And that's word on my crew, but if she don't fall for it
I'm a go Chuck Norris and be out with Horace
Before the cops come for us - run, Forrest
Forrest, run, hurry, try! Haul ass nigga