Decapitation Fornication

Infant Annihilator

Face the cold reality. Slow and with formality I’m obsessively
stabbing you. The blood is drowning you as you gargle and you spew.
Bodily fluids fill your lungs. This is the end of you. Your
consciousness slips away leaving your cunt to me. The lacerations
haemorrhage on me. I will now disembowel every organ to see. My
indulgence; the bloodlust in me: ‘The Enslaver’, ‘The Engraver’. To
the creek bed that marks your resting place. Bring my image to the
void. Remember my face when you see God. The cinder block tied to your
foot drags you straight down to the bottom. Gracefully your body
dances; the murky water sways the flesh exposed. I exist to rid the
world of throbbing cysts. I drain the pus embedded in society. With
their disposal I silence them and have my taste. A balanced order:
Extinction of the human waste. Decapitation fornication; this is the
fate for abominations. Decapitation fornication. I am a servant of the