The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution

Infant Annihilator

I will re-write history. They say the pen is mightier than the sword;
and with a pen I’ll restructure the formation of religion to re-wire
their minds to a subservient system. With the scriptures revised to
hypnotize I will unite the forsaken after civilization falls to its
knees and begs for my mercy. I extend my bloody hands and I feed them
promises of hope and change. With a fake smile I lie to their faces.
This marks the new age of despair and desperation. I will make them
worship me as the God I am. This world is mine for the taking. Within
desperation the shattered pieces unite under me - their new God and
master. My locusts feed from the inside out; I now go by ‘Thy
Devourer’. Within my chaos lies their obedience. Chaos turns to order.
A conquered world awaits their conquered God. He is losing their
prayers as their children slowly die away. Mutilated; perforated. The
decimation of creation is the only way to destroy their creator: I
will destroy their creator.