Romance 1600

Sheila E.

I was all alone
When the doorbell rang
Going 4 my own
A narcissistic thang
He was dressed in red
A mask covered his eyes
Something 4 my head
He said he had a big surprise

Romance, Romance 1600
Let's dance, let's dance until we see the sun
Romance, Romance 1600
All 4 one, one 4 all, fun 4 everyone, everyone

Pretty summer night
He had a place 2 go
Everything was right (So right)
People I wanted 2 know
It was so bizarre
Everyone wore a mask
Hiding who they are
Don't bother 2 ask

Romance, Romance 1600

We were not ashamed (No shame, no shame)
We took off all our clothes
Fun is all 2 blame
Only Heaven knows
My lover dressed in red
He never used his hands
He loved me in his head (Love in his head)
He knew I'd understand

Romance, Romance 1600

Romance, Romance 1600