Sheila E.

Every girl of culture's got a favorite car

The kind of car that makes a girl lose her cool

My daddy had a yellow Riviera Star

That he used 2 let me drive 2 school

All the boys would follow me after class

Never let 'em take me 4 a ride

I didn't want 'em thinkin' that I was fast

I mean nearly every girl has got her pride

Every cheerleader in the senior class

Really, really hated my yellow pants

Maybe it was the way they hugged my ass

But I was the one the fellas asked 2 dance

Zina is the sister that I have 2 raise

She's younger but her chest is bigger than mine

But my voice is deeper so I got it made

Real live men hate girls that whine

Every man wants a dame with style

A saint by day and a sinner at night

I maybe talk dirty 4 a little while

If he buys my dinner, that's alright

Most boys think they're so c-cool

As far as she can see, most boys are jerks

Double time talkers with half-time jewels

U know that ain't the way Sheila E. works

I met a little pretty with yellow hair

Wanted my body and my car 2

I gave him everything cuz I didn't care

Now this little yellow girl is blue

Yellow's a happenin' color
If U're a banana
Countin' the days until U're a prune
But blue's a better color
If U're lookin' 4 a lover
2 show your pretty colors 2