We fucking worship our religion rather than our lord.
How long can this be ignored?
Blindly allowing persecution to be restored.
We can't afford to come to this accord.
How long will our nation allow the exploitation of their own lord for the murder and profit of those in charge?

How long will authority serve as our priests?
The deceased just increase
But we're too controlled by fear to
Detach from the evils of superstition, 
Even though we have good intentions.
Degradation of those with dedication Because
"Most all those under creation will not see salvation."
This form of humanity has become fundamentalists and it's insanity.

Discrimination against anything opposing their nation "under god."
The location of Babylon must be this congregation.
We need to come to the realization
That our misinterpretation will lead to "revelations."
How many devastations must occur
Before we hold our beliefs accountable for eradication?

You pigs, I'll fucking slaughter you.
You pigs I'll fucking slaughter you.
Pressure us into this association.
Forced upon us with desperation through our own system of education, 
Not providing us with enough information.
An organization of infestation.
Operation theocratic nation must face obliteration and it's desecration.

You've chained your own lord in shackles
To fight unjust wars for profit
In the name of false prophets.
Nothing of mankind is divine
& In time we will see that
We do not protect human life
Because of this hypocrisy.
There is no value for life
When we're stuck in this strife, 
Fighting wars of gods instead of things
Like AIDS.

Just like how we allowed anti-Semitic raids because of religious crusades.
Please do some investigation, 
Use your imagination, 
To pick apart this infatuation with Manifestation.