Bitterness Is A Beautiful Thing


The fucking bitch!
Don't you realize that the worst woman is the one you think you really have to die for?
Do you know why?
Because you can lick their cunts,
And then it just starts messing with your head,
You know what the punishment is?
You can spot them a mile away
Because they've all got that one special physical feature, they do
I don't care if its the way their bone protrudes,
Or their lips curls up
Or something about her delicious belly button,
Or lips, or ears
Wh-wh-whatever it is, it sucks you in.
And suddenly you're doomed.
I've hollowed out my heart
And removed my fucking tongue
I mean who does this cunt think she is?
Coming into my life and dictating the terms of it to me?
I burned all the pages, my memories
Filled with words to you
So they could never betray me again
Fucking do this, fucking do that
You've gotta be a complete whacko for you to think she can pull off a stunt like that.
Never betray me again
Never again