China Anne McClain

Hard to take.
The day you just can't catch a break.
When it brings me down, I get right back up.
Cause I'm powerful.
An Incredible.
Independent girl ready for the world, world, world.

Come on.
Tonight I'm unstoppable.
Incredibly strong-ong-ong-ong.
Tonight I'm unstoppable.
The world is calling me out, out, out.
Don't wanna whisper.
Wanna shout, shout.
Come on.
You know I'm unstoppable.

When you're the girl, you want
The moments ripe to pull a stunt.
Yeah it's time to show what lies behind and front
Get up on your feet
Make a scene complete.
Underneath the lights.
Everything's all right, right, right, right.

Get out. Get out.
Get out of your head.
Get out. Get out.
And live instead.
Get out. Get out.
In live is dead.
Get out. Get out.
Get out alright.

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