Abandoned youth, aborted bastard children of this world
Wandering the streets, sleeping on the cold concrete
Eating from the dumpsters, feeding off discarded scrap
Disposed by misfortune, society, and the wealthy
Suffering from hunger, dying, riddled with disease
Complacent conformist turn eyes blindly

Everyday they are taking away our liberty
Throughout history, forcing us into slavery
These are reasons why I question all authority
Victim of this system designed for failure
Lied to by the president, betrayed by the government
Banned by the establishment, now its time to show dissent
Poverty is prevalent. Violence is evident
Feudal is the fight from law enforcement

We, the people, we’re proven powerless
You do not decide the direction of your children’s fate
Crooked corporations corrupted by money and greed
Deplete the resources with nothing left to fend for ourselves
Revolution, rebelling against this system that’s flawed
Inciting riots, uprising beyond their boundaries
Hold them hostage, resistance with no negotiations
Do not be afraid to engage in overthrowing the opposition

Now it’s too late...
For a divided nation dangling by threads
There are too many with nothing left to lose
Desperate times bring drastic measures
The blind obedient, subservient to government
Now find allegiance far from freedom’s stand
Land of the greed, home of the slaves
Is there no hope for the imminent future?

Crowded nations
Planet facing overpopulation
Raping, taking landscapes whole
Pollution fills her dying skies

Global warming
Damage irreversible
Final warning, planet uninhabitable
Environmental destruction of earth

Knowledge verses
Unconscientious ignorance
Massive armies amassing under arrogance
Consequences our children will face

Feudal fighting War will never bring us peace
Circle, violence, cycle that will never cease
Eye for an eye and blood for blood
Blood for blood!

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