Set It Off

Main Source

Set it off, set it off, set it off, set it
Set it off, set it off, set it off

[ Jay (later Jadakiss from The LOX) ]
I'm sayin 'WHAAAT?' to niggas that act like wreck
When I flash the Tec and hit a nigga in his neck 
With two slugs, blood is a sign of vic
And if his bitch wannna snitch she can bite the dick
That's my word, anything goes for the hoes
I'm snatchin rings, earrings, jewels and clothes
From the ghetto, tryin to get my hands on a ki
So fuck Mike cause niggas want to be like me
They think I'm crazy, nigga, like a bag of dust
I don't listen to the fuss cause I'm tryin to bust
With the muthafuckin BM drop, 325
By the way, me and my crew, we real live
Get absurd and hit a nigga with the bloody birds
Niggas can't fuck around with the bloody words

[ Sheik (later Sheek from The LOX) ]
Aiyo, watch buckshots at midnight like I'm a fuckin crook
Do stick-up's, head north, get the cash and book
I make ends but it depends on my type of vic
If it's a dealer the Tec-9 will gun him quick
Who's to say if I want, money, and if I will
I let it rip and up close so watch a temple spill
Mad blood everywhere but who says I did it
Bullets stay caught up in my gun, they wouldn't fit it
Cause I'm blastin with a cannon every fuckin hour
22's don't work, I need the double power
Watch your back for the wall, Lox hit the street
And stay low for the stray bullets pass your meat
Mad young but I don't give a hoot
So I just pollute and kickin heads with the fuckin boot
So put your dicks up, money, or head north
Or head for the border from a squad decide to set it off

Set it off, yo, set it off 	(4X)
[ MC Lotto ]
I know you niggas don't want drama cause I'ma tear that ass out the frame
I was born insane and surrounded by the drug game
It ain't a damn thing changed, I still chill 
With the Glock on the block tryin to make a mill
Niggas is done for fun, so don't test, son
I find a victim and stick him and move to the next one
Serial killer, but I ain't after Captain Crunch
I murdered the Brady Bunch cause I'm out to lunch
Lost my brain in the drug game, I love to do the wrong thing
I make g's from sellin ki's of cocaine
No judge can judge me, police can't touch me
Watch out, shit's about to get ugly
I got the Tec, so respect the Main Source
MC Lotto, yeah, I came to set it off

[ Shaqueen ]
Yo, watch the evil spirit rise when niggas get me fed
I slash a bitch and leave her weave up in a bloodshed
A heartless bitch with a switch givin bitches stitches
I got a backyard full of fuckin dead snitches
And plus this chicken's throwin lickings comin from the mental
No shame in my game, I'm aimin for your fuckin temple
And plus I'm comin equipped with the mad styles
The niggas I kill will go down with why'all profiles
Yeah, you bloody roughneck, my style damn good
The shit I kick is takin muthafuckas' manhood
So all that shit you plan on talkin yo, you won't be able
So watch your mouth before you catch a fist that rocks your cradle
And now you know my state of mind that I'm lettin off
And anytime that I rhyme I'm gonna set it off

Set it off, yo, set it off 	(4X)
[ Mikey D ]
Yo, back the fuck up before I catch a body
I'm givin niggas boxers and that's includin muthafuckin hotties
So get your pistol and your posse if you think you could stop me
I open em up like a autopsy
I got a crew of niggas waitin for the combat
If we can't get you we steppin where your mom's at
So all that rah-rah shit gotta cease, I pop my leash
If it's beef you ain't leavin in one piece
I drink a forty and I take over 40 Blocks
Niggas with Glocks give me props, they say, "Shorty rocks"
From 40 Projects to 40 acres and a mule
Knock out a 40, then I'm knockin out 40 fools
If they ever try to get with the nitwit, forget this
The hitlist and cripplin the witness
I gotta get it off when I let it off
Straight up and down, muthafuckas, I set it off

Set it off, yo, set it off 	(4X)