Factory Friends


Everybody was so quiet, everybody slept now for a while
You could almost see them crying, see them dancing in the summer rain
I told her little secrets while I gently wiped the tears from her eyes
I made a promise standing, I told her that I’d stay by her side

Five nights alone (In the twilight we are silent and defiant. OK!)
Come take me home (cos we are fighting for our lives and we dont want the Factory)

Jumping up and down we want to reunite!
But in silence we can only see the night
Did they find us?
Guess that we will soon find out!
Our Factory Friends only want to set things right…

We heard the horror stories, we knew that something bad was on
We never realised that we might be singing our last song
We saw the Factory and knew that we would not survive
So many robots leaving, and yet not one of them could cry

We wait in naked silence, we watch the snow upon the window frame
In total desolation, we will not return again
When we hear the marching noises, when we hear the shrill of…

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