I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine


I dream I’m electric when I dream of you 
(I dream I’m electric)
And there’s a connection do you feel it too 
(I can feel the connection)
The night is approaching, it’s coming on strong 
(The night approaches so quickly)
The night is electric we can do no wrong 

You dont’ love me, like I love you
And you don’t need me, like I need you

Somebody tell me this is just a dream
I fell in love with a drum machine!

Don’t tell me I’m crazy I know that I’m not 
(Don’t tell me I’m crazy)
It’s simply a case of “I Love You Too Much” 
(I love you my LinnDrum)
These feelings I have they do make me confused 
(Why don’t you tell me you love me?)
I’ve never before had my love refused 
(I don’t understand)

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