Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit, from before the dawn of time
You have always been the Father's breath divine.
Brooding on the waters,
Bringing forth new life,
Teaching, guiding, shining out Your light,
Making known the mysteries of Christ.
And we long to feel You here.
Holy Spirit, please draw near.

Come, holy fire, burn so free,
Your presence purifying me.
You glorify the risen One.
Sweet Holy Spirit, flow through me;
This glimpse of power, this guarantee,
A foretaste of the age to come.

Holy Spirit, You're our counsellor and friend;
Helper, uniter, You're the One whom Jesus sent.
Make me more like Jesus;
Spirit, have free reign.
Abba Father, Your voice within us cries:
We're loved and precious in our Father's eyes.
As we give ourselves to You,
Holy Spirit, fill this room.

Fill me up each day,
Fill me up each hour.
Fill me with Your love,
Fill me with Your power.

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