In You

Lee Ann

You know it's not bad if you're taking your time 
time to look around you 
don't you run around making crazy your mind 
the truth will come on through 

Now I never said to give up on your dreams 
that's not the thing to do 
but take it slow and the answer you'll see 
is right ahead of you 

In you - inside of you 
In you - can see it through 

It's a world gone crazy - it's all going fast 
time is racing by 
relax yourself make the minutes last 
I can tell you why 

You can never forget that the time that we met 
a moment that time was still 
well you think about that 'cos it's all that you got 
to take you right up and through 

In you 'cos it's in you 
In you can see it through