Looking For

Lee Ann

You've never even thought of this 
you feel a hunger in your soul 
you said if you could miss me 
miss me you'd be in love. 

You think your heart is cold as ice 
but there's a flame however small 
and at the start the feeling's nice 
and there's a name you call. 

(gotta feel I'll find what I'm looking for 
a feelingso fine what I'm looking for 
sweet)I'll find what I'm looking for 
your life's what I really want oh baby. 

Sometimes it takes you by suprise 
like in a dream when you're asleep 
see your reflection baby 
maybe it's you in love. 

You think that you are frozen through 
but as the ice begins to thaw 
let's call it love that's born in you 
and baby give me more

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