Justice for All


They don´t know what you´re going through
Too blind to see how you live
Hell is real and you know it too
Lose twice as much as you give
Goodhearted people get taken for a ride
Nothing left to show
Locked away for your innocence
No place you can hide, no...

Take you away from society
Play with your mind like a toy
Break you down, tear you apart
They try to make you cry
They turn their heads from the killers
They don´t care, no, no...
And they come down on the winners
It´s not fair, no, no...

And they call it justice for all, nobody cares
Everyone takes what they can
And innocent people don´t know what they did
Lay broken and dying again, no...

Justice for all liars and cheaters
Life is acrime, it´s too bad
Justice for all isn´t what it should be
There is no justice, it´s no justice, it´s sad!

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