Big Dreams


A young lad and hes searching for that cash right
Cause he ain't really had much growing up and thats why
He got his eyes on the stars he got big dreams
He started writing raps around the age of sixteen
His friends would trip man, they telling him he got skill
And if he didn't rap he'd be known just to pop pills
He keeps beefing with cops, man his rappings are shit
A young cunt catch a charge, cop a slap on the wrist
He moves along, meets his misses at eighteen
He buggin out he just wishes he'd stay clean
They joke about it 'magine if he bought a wedding ring
He didn't know it but she stays with him through everything
He got a cool brothers trying to discover
Why you'd never trust a snake, man they'd die for each other
So his life's still kicking it, I swear the kid lives rap
Taking every opportunity, no time to sit back
No money in the bank so he gets to the breaks
No doing it to rap, its to get off his face
Whats more important man his visions distorted
And there isn't a warning he just leaves without caution
He drops a tape now he kinda got a local buzz
A couple heads in the scene check he knows whats up
Some enemies changed, they wanna be mates
But his eyes on the dream, he ain't dealing with fakes nah
He meets the scene and gathers most the cunts are fake as
Makes his own path while his older brother makes tracks
He steps to battles man hes serving em up
And he ain't even fucking notice cause hes swerving on drugs
But his buzz getting bigger, labels turn and ignore
But that ain't gonna keep him down cause hes burning for sure
At a show hes selling tapes gives out one for free
The best choice he ever made cause the cunt got beats
And at the time he didn't know it but his chances of failure
Dropped cause hes with one of the best in Australia
When it comes to making beats so the lad is excited
Fan base on the rise and the rappings are tightest
He got his sound and the album was lethal
Got a different reaction out of some of his people
From fans to mates, say hes not the same
But the last 7 years feel like a couple of days
Go get fucked that hes changed,
Man he knows who he is
A couple beats flipped now you gonna say hes a bitch
But he doesn't really
Cause the fans are screaming yeah
And the lights in his eyes feels like a dream there
The main plan is officially in motion
Any second now he sees his dream and hes approaching
And they say they know him, well I double please
If you fucking knew me you would know this is about me

Every cunt saying they know everything
Had to break it down for yas, now talk the shit
Kerser, we out