This My Life


This is drugs, this is something that you can't undo
This my life, this is everything I'm running to
This the story of the lad from out C-Town
Rags to riches so you know I'm gonn be proud
I light a spliff you light it up, its exciting
Cause ain't another aussie rapper providing
The shit I am, its Ritalin the ADD and maybe he crazily insane, a freak that made it through the dangerous streets
Still got my blade on me, still ABK engraved in me, still made to say I hate the scene so they don't try relate to me
And whats it taken me, Its nearly taken all, overdose around the corner I embrace my fault
Now I face the floor I'm buggin buzzin Codeine
Used to come down half the shit goes up my nose stream
And I ain't really one for lessons in life
Fuck a church you got my albums for confession and my

[Verse 2]
You feel my presence tonight,
Rock till the end of your life
I'm one a kind you'll never find
Another deadly as I,
Another speed up on the road
And they tryin' to make it slow
Right down but I know why
Around you find me so high
Lemme live it terminate it in my own right
Cause what I've overcome is special
Did it in my own time
The street has made its way
I thank me for that
The one lad in Aussie rap
That put the street shit on the map, yeah

[Verse 3]
Kerser never fail hit em where it hurts
Cause I'm living like I'm cursed
Winnin' wishin' to reverse
Many things I done but oh well that shit in the past now
Time to close the curtains, who gonn drink until the last round?
I show my life unwrap,
My fans will give theirs right on back
I'm living in a vital crash
Escaping when I rhyme on tracks
Ain't never seen it similar
You dumb it down your simpler
Your head set on fire, pushed against the gas cylinder

[Verse 4]
Corrosive fuckin oath explosive, dopest let em know its potent
Hopin that I may be jokin', smokin' tokin' overdosin'
Why these ladies damn near begging for cock
Before I rapped this skinny fucker couldn't get em to stop
But I guess that's just the fame, ain't it crazy man I'm spinnin out
So much on my mind I got no time to stop and think about,
The ins and outs, the do's and dont's
I'm here until my dreams approached, and when it is I chose the rope that stops the air and bruise my throat
Way to think, I think I'm out I think about a different route, I'm sittin down with 50 pounds I need the fuckin scissors now
This is how my brain can go and switch off,
Didn't follow footsteps now these veterans are pissed off
Think I did but fuck you faggots had your time shit
I'll do it twice as big, thought I told these cunts that I'm sick
Time ticks, and its goin quite quick
But I knew my life is, exactly how I write this

[Verse 5]
Grab the moment, hold it get it, never let it slip you meant it,
If you let it go and send it, can't be one that be forget it
Remember me like a better dream or nightmare
Demanding what I want and no way am I gonna fight fair
They took enough of this for all them years I'm living broke
I'm gonna get it back, they can't do shit because I'm spittin dope
So take it in, yeah I hope you fucking know now,
Kerser, NEBS, yeah we killed them with their own sound