Unwritten Letter


This ones for my bruvas
Stracey and Shoey

I woke up, punched a cone it was 8 am
I heard some voices hit the window I ain't playin man
Seen the coppas driven drawn, out the front and back lawn
Thinkin fuck it man I'm gone, they screamin' lay down on the floor
I ask em what I do, wheres the warrant, what you here for
They give me papers told me that they searchin' I ain't need your
Askin' where the gun, from the stick up that you done
Thinkin' stick up eat a dick up, then they say they got my bruz
And they sayin' phones are tapped, I ain't needin' to hear that
They put me in the cuffs a couple knees up in my back
I say they got their story twisted feelin' like I'm in a hole
And Stracey trippin' too because he fresh out and he on parol
I'm sittin' at the station, in the bubble, here comes trouble
Cause I'm next to Stracey with the Xanny, single popped a double
He looks me in the eye, no comment and we smile
And he tells me Kerser man I'm gonn' be locked up for a while
So it breaks my heart the interview, deny it all I know the go
I'm worried bout my brother but he marches on he knows the flow
They ain't find shit at my house so my charges man they nothin'
Big they pinnin' you for everything and I can't do a fuckin' thing
You keep your head up brother yeah that battle thats tomorrow
And we think I'm gonna miss it and he blame himself but god no
I'm a grown man bruva you ain't drag me into nuthin'
To this day he writes me letters sayin' that he feels he stuffed it
Reassure him quickly cuzzy no way will that be the case
I pleaded guilty to the charges, no way will I beat the case
Now back to when they got us and we thinkin' of the pitties
'Magine if I left them out the back, they probly would have shit it
And they said I can't leave Sydney, fuck that next day battle 60
Me and Ratesy we said fuck it travelled down there just to rip it
But I had you on my mind, I was stressed out over court
Payed my lawyer round 4 G’s just so that I could walk
They give another warning tell me this will be my last strike
I left the court to celebrate and then picked up a glass pipe
They thinkin' while I'm smokin' this
The reason why we broke and i ain't wanna see another rock
My eyes I keep them open
And I'm losin all my focus brother, when the fuck we turn to shit?
My bruz in prison cells and not enough to let him burn the bridge
I heard about the Shoey, I'mma try and go and see him too
But no one got his new number, I fuckin' hope I see him soon
I miss my fuckin' brothers we stay loyal to the end
Thats the ABK the 225 we
Here until the death
I miss my fuckin' brothers we stay loyal to the end

Thats the ABK the 225 we here until the death

[Hook x2]
March on, when everything falls down
Ain't no way around it, less we gonna pull the walls down
They took my brothers
The crew has just not been the same
I'm hopin' if I speak today it means we gonna reach our fate
Life ain't fair, thats the cards on the street
Life ain't fair so its harder to be,
A better human being but I'm trying, trying
A better human being but I'm dying dying

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