Who You Judging


[Verse 1]
They said its all good, they told me relax
They found my medicine I'd only
Taken 3 packs
Here he goes again he's on his fucking dribble and
He's always whinging ain't he cocky thought that he was killin em
Your looking thin Scott
They tell me thats drugs
I think they're right cause I'm eaten like a fat cunt
It spins me out, I'm the one that they look up to
I'm happy one minute then the next I'm thinking fuck you
Ain't gotta trust you, you gotta trust me
Triple cop what I call it when i dump three
Ain't a flow better, suicide with no letter
Took the scene over mama told me I'm a go getter
And I won't let her, know my dark side
Think she knew it when she caught me in the park high
Such a young fool, break the law with one rule: never dog my family I didn't learn that shit in school

What I'm meant to do?
Where the right way?
Why I'm high and my mind never skyscrape?
Who ya judging?
Ah its me now?
It ain't rates cause I'm living in the c town

[Verse 2]
I need a lift up, no need to slip up
I fuck a beat and flip it over get my dick sucked
They call me sick cunt, cause I told em too
I'm so real motherfucker if you only knew
When they read it tell the truth I kinda dropped nuts
They had the phone records still denied the shit like not us
In custody my boy be facing 5 years, he had the Xanies dacked
And we popped him just to hide tears
I haven't seen him since I'm dyin to visit
I'm on the road so much its hard for me for finding a minute
I swear when I get the time ill explain it alright?
But for now spread your word while I'm still in a rhyme, and I
Don't know where to go I finished with the flow
Hope they know that I've shown my heart from the go
At the start of the track, I put part of it back
So they keep coming back, to my arteries [?]


[Verse 3]
As a teen even then no sober type
You fuckin trippin thinking that this happened overnight
I seen my mum cry when her best friend died
I ignored it just went out so I could get high!
These are things that fucking eat me inside
I heard my brother stabbing walls I tried to peep in but I
Had a lift out the front more important at the time
And never have I spoke about it I just pour it out with rhyme
By the way the knife jammed and he sliced his fuckin hand man
Now we hit the stage and almost cry when hearing fans chant
Its fuckin crazy so am I but I just block it out
They tell me talk about it tell me is that gonna stop it now?
I got fans but there were times when no one heard me rhyme
I make the sign of christ and pray to god that i reach 35
Got a dirty mind cause I'm from the dirty side
Of society that they don't wanna see or recognize
I make em fuckin listen
Ain't gotta trust the system
Ain't gotta get permission just to see a friend or visit
If I am wrong then I will blame this fucking scummy town
Now I'm selling out cause I am climbing out the underground

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