Ode To Serotonin

Nightmare Of You

Suddenly spritely budding through the billows 
The sun is bobbing heavenly against the trees 
With bees buzzing 
They're sucking nectar from a flower 
And if we could have this hour for a lifetime 
We'd smile blinkingly 
Laughing till we're gagging violently 
O soaring dove, I'm quite sure this is love! 

I'm utterly depraved, let's do it on your terrace 
And the rain will catch the notches on our backs 
Exchanging spit through our sloppy kisses 
Where the water tastes like perfumes of the docks 
We're meant symmetrically! 
And hand in hand we're strolling gorgeously 
O soaring dove, I'm quite sure this is love... 

O saoring dove, I'm quite sure that this could be love...

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