Let's Get The Show On The Road

Stanley Michael

From "Stagepass"(Live at the Agora), 1976, EMI Records Group
Let's get the show on the road, babe
At the curtain, take a bow
New Haven, just a rendezvous to take you to
a lover--who was then, but never now
Susan played the lady
who called the players' songs
Just a figurine of stagehand reveries
Guess up-and-coming can't be that wrong...

Let's get the show on the road, babe
Spotlights on the stage
Ah, my, it seems I've heard these words before
Did you forget to turn the page?
And remember what they told you
about how 'the show goes on'
How can you come back, if you've never gone away?
How can you sing--how can you sing without a song...

And today's for sale
And it's all you can afford
By your own admission
Well, the whole thing's got you bored
And the Lord uses the good ones
The bad ones use the Lord...

Let's get the show on the road, babe
Better take a look around
Ya got one thing to remember
when you're climbing to the top
You'd better know the way back down...
I can't believe you'd really stumble
But then, I always knew you'd fall
It seems so easy, to say 'I knew you when'
I'd rather it was not at all


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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