Dance Floor

The Pack

O-out on the dance floor
Boy, catch me on the dance floor
Out on the dance floor
D-doing my thang
O-out on the dance floor
Boy, catch me on the dance floor
Out on the dance floor
D-doing my thang

Hey girl, I'm nasty wit' it
Come to the dance floor
And you can hit me wit' it
Bend over backwards, let me in it
Vodka in my bloodstream
I'm with my whole team
Got green, heard what I said, right?
Fuck around and get ran like a red light
H-h-h-high power, Wet Man L, baby
He walk around like his shit don't smell, baby
See, I'm an alien
Ain't no tamin' him
And I will pull your ho, just put her on the dance floor

Swag king, baby
They know what it is
Two-eight hundred, crack king, they know I'm the shit
Hell naw, I don't play
Money all day
Wolfpack, baby - come and shake it my way
Dancefloor, do it
Once it gets stupid
Goose and the juice and baby gon' lose it
Yeah, she gotta throw that ass back
Money in my pocket but you boppers don't get none of that
Bitches, blunts and bottles, I just wanna fuck a model
It ain't hard to do it, baby
Open up and swallow

Girl right here?
Hands on her body
Brrang-dang-dang and I'm hot like a toddy
Come to the party
Wolfpack gangsta
All these names, oh my god, pray to the bitch
We could go down
All the way down
Drop it to the ground, yeah right to the sound
Back on the slap with that Young L shit
Lil B, Lil B, man the girls on my dick! 
Tell her to come here
Bad bitch, hood rich
College girls
High school
Hear the Wolfpack
And know how to act
Lift her legs up
Hit it right from the side
Come party with the fam, on one all night
Off Grey Goose
With a fifth Bacardi
And I still go dumb, swagged up, retarded

Shake it like a saltshaker, Yin Yang Twins
Hola mami, chupa mi
I love the way you move it, uh
Crush the dancefloor
If I ain't know you, I see your whore
It's a Wolfpack party, want to go?
There's hoes in here like garden tools
They shakin' ass and showin' titties
Shake that ass, girl, show them titties
Got me horny, I'm tryna hit it
NASCAR dick, make you come quick
Slap the DJ if he don't play my shit
She move like Dance Dance Revolution
I'm rich, young, dope like the shit you smoke
(In the cluuuub)
She a freaky bopper
In the bed she a pro-ass sexinator