Ride My Bike

The Pack

Ride my bike girl tell me how it feels(What)(2x)
Seal it with a sex lil mamma wats the deal

Young Stunna Fo Life
It's Stunna Man
Young Stunna man I'm coola than the weatha
I hop over the cloud and stay in the cool weatha
She can love her man but it's obvious I'm betta
Super soaks in my pants ay man I wet her
Fly got cheddar
400 dollar sweaters
Superior to the lames cause my words play clever
Vans or leather I'm a skatepunk shredder
Ashley and Michelle I call it a double header
Hella fucking icy there's nothing I could get her
Mouth like snow turn summer into winter
She got to be slindder fast like a blender
I'm a just bend her
I'm going to december
Big car loss hit the all star
Fucking like a pornstar now I'm in the new car
Go hard, I got a go kart
And you betta handcuff cause I'll smash your hoes hard

Call Darksmith tell me how it feel
You see the peadle on the wheel
Ride L's bike no training wheels
Na Na it's time for a cavity search
You been a freak since birth
Show me wat it's worth
Soft like nerf take the booty from the turf
No rip the slippas
Just bop the boots
Young L got a chain like fruity loops
Take yo chick to the back make her hoo la hoop
Remember ice cream gimme that super scoop
What I'm saying ma I ride my bike
Jive, Zomba, Up All Night
Club, tele, fuck all night
It's skateboard L
I spit on mice
I spit at dikes I don't care
I see your underwear
Take off your underwear
Keep talkin bout trains na don't care

B, The Pack
Yea went dumb for the dumbest, the dumbest
Girls like B cause they say that I'm cute
Know how I like my dick gettin'' blown
Bitch all nice bout skatin' on vouge
I don't even trip cause the chick look sexy
Pul her hair back I'm a slap like Gretzky
In the skrape thang all black tainted windows
Niggas on the search and we on to the bimbos
Okay, don't trip don't trip
Bitch I don't bite I just wanna suck tits
Bitch I don't drive I just wanna bump clits
Grindin' yea bitch I bump clipse
17 I already touch grip
Rich nigga click pull any bad bitch
Pack game through it's a wrap for the night
Fuck with the click all my niggas got swagga

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