Black Water Falls

The War on Drugs

Now's the time, unpack your case
And put your gold in the safest place
So scared you sweat and run for the hills
While I lay back and cherish my chance to grip
My will

There is a train we take downtown
That buckles and bends from the weight underground
You'll slowly lose faith in gravity
And give up the urge to sway and charm and love
And breathe

I hear to shout, to shout, to shout
I hear to shout, to shout, well you want to remain
My friend
No it's not, it's not quite the same
Remember me when you dissolve in the rain
When the rivers run dry through the cold mountain range
Then you'll turn to the name you invented to keep
Your identity safe from the smell of defeat
And there is no way

To carve your right, just pass a breach
By holding the candle to those half your age
Your job will be locked from hornets and bees
Then you'll understand why I leave, so suddenly
With the breeze