Di Good Life

Johnson Linton Kwesi

Is a wise ole shephad
I'm suvvie tru flood
Tru drout
Tru blizad

Some people seh
I'm a two hundred an odd years ole
Addah people seh
Notn noh goh soh
Dat I'm a jus seventy odd years ole
Some seh I'm is a ghost
Some seh I'm is a sage
But nohbady noh really know
I'm riteful age are whey I'm come fram

Fateful is I'm flock
From di ewe to di ram to di Iam
Right tru tick an tin
Dem mostly cling to I'm
Awftah all
Noh I'm guide an sheltah an protect dem ?
( sometime a dem haffi protect I'm dow
Like ow a dem haffi protect I'm now )
Look ow I'm stretch out pan I'm back
Pan di brown grass
Di white hair pan I'm branze he'd
Like a kushan gense di weepin willow tree
Lookin bedraggled an tin
Like seh life done wid I'm
Like seh I'm is totally at peace widin
Noh baddah goh feel sarry fi I'm
Are goh tink poor ting
Nat a ting noh dhu I'm
All dat really happn
Is dat due to di heat a di time
Like lickle bwoy blue I'm drap asleep
An a dream bout lickle bow peep
An wan an two a I'm flock dem drif a way
While di addah ism dem
Jus a watch an a peep
Jus a crawl an a creep
An noh baddah ask if dem naw mek fun
Fi confuse an cansume all di stray dem
But everything is jus fi a time
Soon di flack wi tek a stack an surmise
Ow far fram di fole dem a stray
Wen dem site ow di pack jus a staak dem
Dem wi come back togeddah wance agen
An shephad di sage to a highah graun
Whichpawt di graas is greenah an sweetah
Hichpawt di breeze blo

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