Lunar Fortress

Forever in Terror

Through this struggle is where 
We've made our place.
Constant demise shown by the human race.

Just shut this fading case 
And swallow down the key,
Placed fate in the hands of vengeance
A liar’s truth is any word he speaks.

I can not hold the world
Tthe weight will crush my back.
The dial's set to incinerate
Targets locked and it's ready for attack.

And we're ready to attack.

The shadows cast 
We live in the darkest of the night.
A billion miles away and still no closer to this Heaven's light.

This battle ground will host the mightiest of men,
Twelve spears to cast them down 
And burn our palace to the ground.

Burn our palace to the fucking ground.
The weight will crush my back.

I can not hold this world..

So will this fortress fall?
Tear down another wall
This burden on us all

Fuck You

We've waited for this call
For chances not to fall
The writings on the wall

Now we fucking take you,
This is my chance to hold
To break the fucking mold.
This life is yours to loathe

Now we fucking take you on!