I Am

The Waiting

Walking out alone 
The night fits like a stone inside a boot heel
Hot and cold winds blow 
And no oneís here to know the way I feel 
The corner I once knew brings me in to view again 
So I could stay out late, find new bones to break 
But then Iíd be dragging home admitting 
I am because You are I am
I recognize clearly I see 
I am because You are I am 
I am in You and You are in me 
Spent too many days devising many ways trying to escape you
Played too many roles 
Dug too many holes just big enough to fall in to 
And I could linger here, hoping to disappear in excuses 
Come morningís shining face Iíd be crawling to the place I call home Where first you cut me loose and The places that Iíve carried You, I wouldnít take a dog 
Stop and calmly think of that 
Tear this church down to itís cornerstone 
And build it up again, build me up again.

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