Royal Flush

Flush is ready for combat, bust gats
You really want to f**k wit this tough cat? Get smacked
'cause I ain't scared of shit in this world, black
My 44 impact will solve that, all of that
Basically off top, just give me mines and get dropped
By the same kids, that shot the cops inside the coke spot
Oh well, gettin drunk, another story to tell
New York is like prison, Q Borough's my cell
Would be by clientele, you fail to realize it's real
Wit mass appeal, let the blood spill
Don't even see his grill, what the deal?
An overdose of taft, be the nigga ass
Only out for cash, master Mayan staff
And in my lab, shorty naked countin cash
Whip a '96 Path, and put the gun inside the smash
Livin everyday like it's my last, takin 5 pulls and pass
Guarantee to blast in this game, wit no shame
Cape chain, ice wrist, wit flooded fist
Drivin is some plush shit, exotic bitches suckin my dick
It's like a mob flick, speakin on some mob shit
Some marvelous, the God is confident
The black arsonist that's always startin shit

Who's to blame? Man or cocaine? This world is insane
Drama remain, codefendant hold me down in the game
Smokin weed wit different names, wet ya crew like rain
And rep in my hood, you knew that I would, blow up ya act, vigga
Quick to school a nigga, you be you, blow a trigga
And he lost his finger, blow him in his spine, make him cripple
Distribute, whole entire world, drug related is the issue
A lot of niggas say I talk too much about my pistol
You fuckin right I do, you talkin I murder you
Push up convertible, we runnin international
While tech's harassin you, they wild like animals
You never know what to do, 'fore they challenge you
Domain'll stand still, the way I feel, you got the tray cases
This the tray 8, whatever it takes, I gots to escape

I declare war, sensitive niggas that can't score
Break jaws, outlaw nigga you die for
But keep it raw, spark up a war, f**k what you came for
Grab the gun and go for yours, f**k the cords, hit the top boss
Don't take a lost, never that, no turnin back
Official stack, and try to stay more, the phones tap
'cause they on my back for sellin crack bodies and all that

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