Melodies For The Devil


crucify my soul by your hands
i don't believe it, i have my destiny in your faulty body
tell me why?
in this way nobody is feeling you
tell my why?
come on now
take my body, nobody`s feeling you

you think that this thing is a lie

i was watching in my dying pain
i have been chosen to die
i'll return to hell

i'm breaking blessed stigmas
like a devil signs
your prayers are melodies
for the devil

crap your lost, is the only thing that i am thingking

merciless vain reign

i lost goodness for you
my sin is to know oneself
and see the rotting inside of me

you destroy my mind

in your name of god
i can see you crap
in your name of god
fucking servant

condemn me in your game
that you'll believe
this is a mourning from which you'll never be again

you'll scratch your legs
you'll swallow my sperm
what's your vanity?
this is your reality

shout, i know you`ll lose
i know you`ll bleed